Professional Career R.E. Fort

Professional career

I have been in the e-Discovery industry since 2007 providing online and in person software training, for some of the leading document review tools in the industry. Since 2007 I’ve created staff development creating content, managed learning management servers, created websites and video tutorials. Below is an example of one of my online “how to videos“.

I think my best quality is the ability to grasp new software, concepts and ideas quickly,  and then acting on them and delivering on it. I truly enjoy interacting with people and fully enjoy training. I am a Certified Concordance Software Trainer, Certified Concordance Systems Administration and Relativity Certified Sales Professionals. I am also very comfortable with Eclipse, Brainspace, Clearwell, and a number of eDiscovery and eLearning tools. I am also comfortable with a number of video production tools and most desktop publishing applications.


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