Long Road Home – R.E.’s Style – video

Recently, I uploaded Long road home © 2015 from my CD,  R.E.’s Style to YouTube. I wrote this track many years ago and still play it on the guitar every chance I get. My kids grew up hearing this song and over the years they have bugged and nagged at me to record and release it. So in 2015 I sat down and started to record and orchestrate it. I think it came out pretty great.

My daughter surprised me by walking down the aisle to this song with her bride. Long Road home is a cool soft rock jam with a great  sound. I really love this track.

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I Hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

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Without music life has no soul

One Step Closer to you – Video – Sample

Short video of, One Step Closer To you.

One Step Closer To You

From the CD 10 Copyright 2017 R.E. Fort 

I love this track, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody.

I keep hearing “With every breath I take I get one step closer to you”Genre = Smooth Jazz+Ballad

I Hope you enjoy

Without music, Life has no soul

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Sample videos from 10

Sample videos from 10

Recently I shared a few sample videos from the new CD 10 on Instagram, so I thought I would share them here as well. These are just 1 minute samples but I will be putting together full length videos soon for most if not all the tracks from 10. For now check out the grooves and let me know what you think.

Chasing Aries

One of the first song I started writing for this album. On this track i’m playing my Fender acoustic electric for rhythm and solo’s, walking that bass line on the Cort Bass guitar. I love the melody and chord changes on this song. Genre = Blues + Smooth Jazz

Make it a double

This one is so much fun, with cool chord changes, the Fender acoustic electric for the melody and chords sounds awesome. That walking bass line, baby grand sound for backup and the Fender Stratocaster bringing in the solo simply rock. Genre = Smooth Jazz

Without music, life has no soul