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  • Featured Music: March 2017
    This month I wanted to share some smooth jazz, so I’ve mixed in some of my favorite smooth jazz and grooves from 10, I’m Gonna Let it Ride and R.E.’s Style.  

    So Cool is smooth j […]

  • Short video of, One Step Closer To you.
    One Step Closer To You
    From the CD 10 Copyright 2017 R.E. Fort 
    I love this track, it has such a smooth rhythm and a sweet melody.
    I keep hearing “With every breath I t […]

  • ​Book Review of The Good Lawyer by Thomas Benigno
    This was a very captivating book that held my attention from page one through out the entire book. The story is billed as based on a true story and it feels that w […]

  • Book Review ​The Einstein Prophecy
    It seems I’ve fallen behind on my reviews. I’ve been very busy with my grandson, the release of the new CD 10 and my day job and haven’t been updating the site with book r […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day
    Valentine’s Day for me is a day I can show my loved ones, if just a little more, how much they mean to me.
    We should all try to remember to show the ones we care about how much they mean […]

  • Featured Music: February 2017
    Happy Valentine’s day
    This month I want to focus on the new CD 10 and some of my favorite tracks on this my tenth CD. I actually love all the tracks on 10 but because it’s the month […]

  • Your laugh out loud moment of the day.

    I too work from home and a fellow telecommuter shared this with me today and I couldn’t wait to post it.
    Music by R.E. Fort the CD 10 copyright 2017: So cool […]

  • Sample videos from 10
    Recently I shared a few sample videos from the new CD 10 on Instagram, so I thought I would share them here as well. These are just 1 minute samples but I will be putting together full […]

  • Looking back over my 2016’s book reviews. I’m pretty surprised I squeezed in 19 books while working, writing music and living life in general. I started the year with a review of one of my favorite writers James […]

  • R.E. Fort wrote a new post, 10 2 months ago

    My tenth CD WOW, and since it is my tenth CD, why not call it just that, 10. This CD has a lot of range covering acoustic blues, ballads, smooth jazz and ambient chill. Of all of my releases, I think this one […]

  • 2016 in Review
    What a year it has been. I started 2016 with a new saying “New Year New Life”.  So I started a new job in 2016 and I love it. More importantly we now have a new member of the family, our first […]

  • Book review: The Atlantis World by A.G. Riddle
    In this review I cover The Atlantis World (The Origin Mystery, Book 3) the last book in the trilogy.  An amazing techno-thriller that will have you up late f […]

  • Why instrumentals?
    Over the years people have asked me why I write instrumentals? Those who have known me for years remember me singing in choir’s and in bands, so why instrumentals? That’s a good question, w […]

  • Book review: The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle
     This review covers the second book in the trilogy The Atlantis Plague.  An amazing techno-thriller that will have you up late trying flipping pages.
    The Atl […]

  • Featured Music: December 2016
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

    This month I’m focused on my most recent album “I’m gonna let it ride”. This is my ninth album and for me, it’s one of my very best. The […]

  • Tyson Clifford Starks
    Is my first grandson and yes I am in love. Clifford and Sonia brought this precious little man came into the world on August 29th at 6 lbs and 10 oz.  The slide show is of Tyson and the f […]

  • Book review: The Atlantis GENE by A.G. Riddle
     In this review I cover the amazing book The Atlantis GENE.  An amazing techno-thriller that will have you up late trying flipping pages.
    Before we get into the rev […]

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  • Happy Friday
    Blues and Grooves
    Tonight I am feeling like listening to a little Blues and Grooves. I’ve put together a few of my favorite tracks, poured a scotch and relaxing for a bit. Hope you enjoy the […]

  • Happy Veterans Day 2016
    I would like to let every Veteran know that I am thankful for your service. Your service and sacrifice permits us to live the lives we live.

    Thank you for your service

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