My fears and hopes for the nation

My fears and hopes for the nation

Honestly, I have never thought of myself as political. But after this presidential election, I must say a few things. Whats the use of having your own website if you can’t speak your mind! 

The county has voted, we/I don’t have to agree but it is what it is.  Now we must continue to work to make it a better union.

My fears

With that said, we have elected a president and vice president that have said some very vile, disgusting and disturbing things that affect me, my family, my loved ones and my friends. Pence worries me almost more than Trump does. His actions in his state where appalling before he became the vice-president. It worries me he will bring his personal opinions with him to the White House. The White House, is not the place for them. Our government must be for all the people not some of the people. Our government must reflect the nation, not the small wing that hates a group based on, who and how they love, that they don’t speak the same language, or what religion they believe or don’t believe in.

I’ve seen the recent protest against this presidential election on TV and heard friends of mine say “they should stop, and get over it”, I couldn’t disagree with that more. Peaceful protest is one of the strongest tools we have to fight against injustice. Through peaceful protest, women have the right to vote, minorities are closer to having the same rights as others, interracial marriage is no longer illegal, and LGBT’s now have the same rights as other Americans do. At risk are LGBT rights, Roe vs Wade, Planned Parenthood, women’s rights, affordable healthcare and host of other rights that as a nation we have fought long and hard for.  

11709453_10207232907564077_613956203047703490_nSpeaking as a father of a married lesbian daughter, my hopes are the hard work that’s been done, the progress we have made not only over the last 8 years but much longer, are not tossed out with the bath water. My daughter and her wife, both holding multiple degrees, serving the community are very active in politics and have been since college. Attending multiple rallies, taking part in get the vote out, registering young adults, phone banking and a host of other activist activities, proving their strength & character.  Their love for our planet and their wish for everyone to have the same freedoms is so strong it comes out as tough love sometimes. I am so proud of them.

Now these amazing women along with countless others, are afraid their right to marriage, may be stripped from them. Simply because we forgot that our nation, is about freedom for all and not the few. If this happens, our nation will fail to be the great nation it can be.

This election was a very dark day for our country and in many of our eyes one of the darkest and most frightening. How you ask, our nation failed in checking itself and not listening to the voice of the majority. It put in jeopardy all the work and progress that’s been made since and even before Martin Luther King Jr. and for what? we can’t choose her because of her emails or whatever story the news talking heads feed you to believe. That’s not who we are.

My Hopes

I am hopeful, because if our Constitution is strong and with continued peacefully protest against changes that take us backwards not forwards, we will survive and thrive. Because we still have some in office that believe in doing what’s right for the nation as a whole not just the few. Because I believe whats right and just will prevail over wrong and injustice.  

I have hope we will weather this coming storm. Things will no doubt change and be challenging, yet I have hope we will come out on the other side, stronger than before. Making new advances in our social system, caring for each other as one people,  growing ever stronger and closer to True Unity and Freedom for all. 

Be strong, stand up for each other, Go High when they Go Low, stand up for what you know in your heart and soul is right and we will prevail.


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