The Guitars

The Guitars and Keys

Yes I do love the way guitars look, I think of them as artwork not only for playing music but in styling and design. I am always on the look out for a new guitar to add to my collection and I do have a few on my radar.

The slide show below are of some of my instruments mostly my guitars aka (The Ladies) and a few of my keyboards and piano.

Plus below the slide show, and what you are listing to, are 10 random tracks from my collection.

Hope you enjoy the slide show

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Radio R E

Radio R E ? Well it’s a random track player. Just refresh your browser to get a different mix. There is also a pop-out player so you can refresh and play while surfing other sites (heaven forbid you leave my site) 😆 . Some are only samples to wet your whistle, but the cover tunes and maybe a few select tracks are full length. 

Hope you enjoy

Without music life has no soul

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