Happy Friday and Thanksgiving week

Happy Friday and

Have a fantastic weekend and Thanksgiving

Wow! This year has gone by so fast, thank goodness. For some of us it’s been a year full of uncertainty, confusion, persecution and challenges. For others it seems relished in the strife and tension that has arisen in our country this year. With the holidays upon us, let’s make sure that we remember to take care of each other and our planet. As once said “this too will pass”. Let’s look towards the future, a future that has our country living in harmony with each other. A future where our differences, are our strength, and not a reason for hatred, fear or resentment. We owe this to each other, our children, grandchildren and the future children of our country. 

This year, do something for someone. Try to understand how someone else, that you don’t agree with, thinks and feels. By doing these simple things, bridges are built, understanding, empathy, and peace happen. Stand up for the persecuted and treated unfairly. Be the voice of reason and hope in the room not the voice of anger and malice. Try to remember, for some this holiday, Thanksgiving, is a horrible reminder of the past. However, the idea behind it, being hopeful, thankful for life, freedom, family, peace, and happiness for all. That’s the key of being thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Without Music, Life Has No Soul

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