Featured Music: October 2017

Featured Music: October 2017

This month in celebration my wife’s birthday and our anniversary. I’ve put together 5 track’s of ballads to enjoy. Reaching back to my first recording for my wife’s title song, Cheryl’s Song Happy birthday & anniversary my love

I hope you enjoy

Popularity: 1089
Price: $1.50
Cheryl’s Song A soothing mellow ballad with cool effects, and a nice melody from my release Lust Love and Other Distractions. I’ve added this track to celebrate our anniversary and my wife’s birthday. Happy birthday and anniversary my lady

Popularity: 965
Price: $1.50
 One Step Closer To You  A smooth jazz ballad from my release, 10. I keep hearing in the chorus of the song, “With every breath I take, I get one step closer to you.” What a great grove this track has.

Popularity: 1236
Price: $1.50
Take My Hand A beautiful ballad from my release, From Then Until Now. Released: 2013. Easy listening with a soft melody played on a Fender acoustic electric. 

Popularity: 1127
Price: $1.50
You’re Still On My Mind A smooth jazz ballad from my release, From Then Until Now. Released: 2013. This bright fun and moving track brings an upbeat and moving groove. 

Popularity: 1322
Price: $1.50
It’s Always Been You A piano ballad from my release, R.E.’s Style. This ballad starts soft but builds to a big love song. With a soft moving melody played on a Ibanez Nylon acoustic electric and finishes with a sweet solo from the Stratocaster.

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I Hope you enjoy

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